Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Beginning

Well, the time has come to start putting the development of the "Sands of Solvheil" series to a blog. The release of the first module Sands of Solvheil I: Ruins of Kazatharis has been met with relative success, and I have already begun work on the second installment.

Formerly titled Crusaders of Shalihir, the second module has instead been split into two pieces. The first of which is now titled Beneath the Hearleforne and will deal with the immediate ramifications of the events from Ruins of Kazatharis. The adventure will start the player off in Evertide, the capital of Dalreon, working on the assignment given to them by King Jorlaan at the end of the first module.

From there it will a whirlwind adventure carrying them from the Elven kingdom of Lyritholln to the frozen reaches of Harrn as they delve into the beliefs and relationships of both human and demihuman alike. This adventure thrusts the player into the foreground more than the predecessor, as they are now of a respectable and survivable level.

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