Monday, March 30, 2009

An Army of Software Engineers

No seriously...

I literally have an army of future software engineers at my disposal. The possibilities right? Do you know what I would have given for this back in my NWN1 PW days? The sacrifices that had to be made for scripting back then?

So my relatively new position gives me control of the University's Software Engineering B.S. degree program. A team focused, project driven dream. Then they ask me to help come up with some degree concentrations, and they are leaning toward Game Development (at this point, I'm sweating bullets trying not to do cartwheels with a sense of euphoria and horror).

As tempting as it is to give in to the dark side, and toss aside other semester/year long industry partner software projects, and control a zerg of NWScripters like a mad necromancer... I have to do the right thing. However, for those that are serious about game development. I mean, who am I to stop them right? <- See that, I'm trying to justify it in my head.

If anyone out there has a good idea for a team based software project that can last a semester or year and has milestones, deliverables, the whole gambit. Please, let me know. Help me suppress my evil overlord urges to shoot fish in a barrel.

Which reminds me. I've been tired of the whole story-driven thing I've been doing. That's kind of why I released the Campaign Setting. That way I have somewhat told the foundation story without having to drag myself to the finish line with part III. I'm sure I'll finish it eventually, it's so close.

The conversations, plot, scrolls, books, etc. Just starting to feel like a bedtime story, y'know. I'm thirsting for some action. I don't want to set the table anymore.

It would be sweet to make a big-ole uber dungeon for SP/MP use. Take advantage of the very best community developed custom content, and just go to town with a very large dungeon crawl.
I'm talking multiple areas, tilesets, population types, CR. Possibly multiple access points for various level parties with the chance to take some companions along for the SP guy.

I have an idea for one, and I'm getting the itch to start some serious planning. Damn I wish that third mod was done and It would make it so much easier to have old business out of the way.

Campaign Setting Finished

Well, after an exhausting couple of weeks, I have completed the PDF version of the Elrithorn Campaign Setting. Just under 40 pages and chock full of details.

The minute I uploaded it to the vault, I realized that I had wanted to add a Notable NPC section, as well as some other additions. However, at this point, I am content leaving it as it stands for awhile. I have some bigger fish to fry.

Pretty soon, I'll make an announcement about why I stayed up past 4 in the morning and my plans for the hak to end all haks.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Campaign Setting Progress and Crazy 2DA Lines

Alright, how did I miss the fact that a line number in the Placeable.2DA repeats itself, thereby throwing the rest of the entries off? That one took me a few hours a couple of nights ago while I was getting all of the 2DA files SoZ complient (although the third module will still only require MotB). What a mindbender...what a blunder!

Anyhow, doing really well on the whole Campaign Setting Sourcebook thing. I'm at about 37 pages and still plugging away and putting additional content and details in here and there. I'd be happy to have anyone give it a look and see if it is organized correctly, clear, interesting, etc. Although, you know me and my perpetual boredom...I'll finish it whether it ever gets read or not :p

Well, quickly approaching 5 a.m. and time for me to wander upstairs for a bit of shut-eye. This weekend I will try to write a bit more for the sourcebook and get several areas of "Crusaders of Shalihir" prepped for cutscenes. I've been setting the cameras, laying down triggers, and placing waypoints so they are all ready for the onenter scripts to check the journal and work the timed magic.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Need I say more?

Big Huge Thanks to Jonny Ree and all of BouncyRock for releasing the meanest looking thing on eight legs.

I've taken this awesome occasion to update my Sands of Solvheil haks (content and 2DA) to not only include Driders & Beholder, but also bring the 2DA files inline with changes from SoZ.

Looking forward to seeing these both in the toolset and ingame.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Elrithorn Campaign Guide

I have decided to start assembling the various texts and information from over the years into a working guide for my custom campaign setting. While I really just started to start clacking away at the keyboard a few nights ago, it is already over 20 pages long, without images. I'm actually enjoying getting all of the various information, lore, geography, etc organized. I must say I think it is coming together really well.

Know any aspiring artists? I don't really want to fill this book with photoshoped ingame screenshots, and would love to have some traditional print art to compliment the text. Also, if you know anyone that enjoys being a brutal editor without regard to feelings, please let me know. I would like some outside eyes to take a menacing read through and look for conceptual, communication, and grammatical errors.

Elrithorn Campaign Guide as viewed in Adobe InDesign

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beneath the Hearleforne Reviewed

SOSII: Beneath the Hearleforne: Review

Big thanks to the NWVault Reviewers Guild for doing an outstanding job, and an extra special thanks to VPJ/Phantom Joker for the kind words and taking the time to complete/review the mod.

I'm really happy with the review and the results. No shockers into which categories didn't get the highest marks, but definately scored high where I was aiming. The reviewer also took the time to check out the documentation, design doc, etc. I think that's really cool.

Anyhow, part of my new gig as faculty allows me next week off (Spring Break), so it looks like I'll be back at the toolset again. I had a bit of trouble with the toolset on my laptop since installing the Windows 7 Beta (which is awesome btw). The desktop is fine though, and even moved my digital download of SoZ over to it to overcome the required disk annoyance.

SoSIII: Crusaders of Shalihir will still be MotB only requirement, not SoZ. As tempting as it is to go back and revisit all the areas and update with new's really a bad idea at this point. As close as the module is to complete area wise, I really should focus on conversation, encounters, and scripting.
Design Documents: