Monday, April 20, 2009

Tedious scripting is tedious

Just toiling away over Client Enter Area scripts. It's like setting the table multiple times based on who's coming for dinner.

Although, forward progress is nothing to sneeze at.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Devil in the Details

If you think your area design is done, put it away for a few months and reopen it. Talk about the decorating bug. I'm going back through just about every area in the mod (23 total now) and putting some more icing on.

It's tough making sure you aren't using SoZ stuff because I want to keep this MotB req only. Next mod, all bets are off, but I have to respect the scope this time.

I am having a horrible time with the shading on the cliff placables. This was built long before RWS put their wonderful pack out, and I am using an cliff pack that has some issues with Day/Night cycles. Hopefully the lead that I am following up from its vault entry will prove fruitful, because I really don't want to just remove them.

I've gotten quite a bit of the Journal Entries done. I'm a bit long-winded in my journal, and use it as a detailed account of the story as well as the main quest path. While I have the side-quests planned out, I want to add those in last.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stringing it all together

Well I dove right back in and started tying some knots. I have the first third of the module completed (minus encounter balancing) with corresponding conversations, cutscenes, and journal entries.

Feels good to get some real progress and look ahead to the other major chunks. There are some rather intense encounters coming up and of course the final few battles will require some real cutscene magic.

I avoided making another interior for Anziath's prison and ended up using a vacant room in the Tahamman palace. Love it when I don't have to add bloat as this thing is getting up there in size.

I have some sidequests jotted down and have for awhile. I want to get the main storyline complete before I go back and add these optional quests in. I promise I won't get itchy and release it without at least a few of them.

Don't think that I haven't the foggiest clue that my modules are rather linear and play like an interactive book. That always was their intention. I do want to add a bit of the old distraction from the overall arc.

I'm not 100% on my encounter building abilities. I know the where's and what's, but juggling the numbers has always been a challenge. For now I am just adding in the placeholder creatures without too much tweaking. Hopefully I will be able to find someone to help me make sure it all balances out right.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

BouncyRock Minotaurs

These guys cannot be stopped (and I'm not talking about the Minotaurs).
Another grand slam from Jonny Ree and his ninja-modeling skills.

Check them out here

Let's see someone try to tip these bad boys over.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Das Uber Hak and some AnimationSpeed snags

So, das uberhak as I have been calling it (until I finalize a naming scheme)... I figured I would list out what all I have included in the collection for use in my propsed massive dungeon.

I'm smoothing things out nicely, although at the point now of having to add animation speed into the Placeables.2DA for several legacy creatures. I believe that is the issue with the snake which frankly when using my 2da vs. the one that came with it, looks like it has rigor mortus.

I'm also having some trouble with missing body/head on the Dragonkin model which may be related.

Anyhow, I would like to make a decent enough hak that it could be used by others and save them some hassle. I would think the collective works of RWS and BouncyRock would be enticing enough to warrant snatching up.

I adjusted the 'RWS Mezzo American Placeables' 2DA entries down by 100 since they were colliding with their Merchants Placeables hak. Other than that, I tried to preserve desired 2DA lines with those two content developers as they are the foundation for this hak.

Any suggestions on additions or heads-up on troubles you've run into with any of them would be most appreciated. If I have missed something (and yes, there are a few weapon packs that I'm on the fence with on size vs. gain), please give me a yell.

Now, let's roll the credits (aka, those who do the real work)

By Robinson Workshop

RWS Bridge Pack
RWS Cave Entrances
RWs Cliffs and more.
RWS Creature Conversion Project Creatures
RWS Dark Ruins Tilesets
RWS Deep Halls Tilesets Deep Halls
RWS Deep Sewer Tileset
RWS Mezzo American Placeables
RWS Tower Pack
RWS - Dungeons Tilesets
RWS - Pocket Citadel Tilesets
RWS Deep Chasms Tileset
RWS Pocket Castle Tilesets
RWS Pocket Cathedrals Tilesets
RWS Pocket Caves Tilesets
RWS Pocket Ship Interiors Tilesets
RWS Tower Rooms Tilesets
RWS-CODI Sigil Tilesets
RWS_Merchants Placeables
TKP 1.0

By BouncyRock

BOUNCE - Beholder BouncyRock...
BOUNCE - Yuan-ti Pureblood
BOUNCE - Yuan-ti Abomination
BOUNCE - Driders

By Misc


Rust Monster

Koa Toa

Goblin Worg Riders


Ninjato & Nodachi

Item Placeables

Hats Explosion

Tarim's Weapon Pack


Sunsilk shields


BTH Weapon Pack

RB Ruins Full

Trap Pack 2

Everfire Forge Swords Pack


Giant Ant

Gargoyle Placables

SDJ Oriental 3D Models Pack 2

VFX Bats

VFX Birds

Character VFX

Stained Glass VFX

Hidden VFX

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All of those years spent growing up with a plastic sword...

....and now, it finally pays off.

Flipping sweet.
Just found out that they do this twice a week at the park up the road from me. Now that Hackee Sack is passe, it may be my only future exercise.
Design Documents: