Monday, April 13, 2009

Devil in the Details

If you think your area design is done, put it away for a few months and reopen it. Talk about the decorating bug. I'm going back through just about every area in the mod (23 total now) and putting some more icing on.

It's tough making sure you aren't using SoZ stuff because I want to keep this MotB req only. Next mod, all bets are off, but I have to respect the scope this time.

I am having a horrible time with the shading on the cliff placables. This was built long before RWS put their wonderful pack out, and I am using an cliff pack that has some issues with Day/Night cycles. Hopefully the lead that I am following up from its vault entry will prove fruitful, because I really don't want to just remove them.

I've gotten quite a bit of the Journal Entries done. I'm a bit long-winded in my journal, and use it as a detailed account of the story as well as the main quest path. While I have the side-quests planned out, I want to add those in last.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, looking at old areas can only lead to frustration--it takes a considerable effort of will simply not to remake everything I do. The icing just never seems good enough.

E.C.Patterson said...

Mmmmm, icing... :p***

A way to reduce the risk of including SoZ objects is to use MotB 2das. That's what I'm doing. When I do happen to pick a SoZ blueprint, the object simply doesn't show up.

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