Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TES Creation Kit

A little over a month before Skyrim is released, and I am already 99% sure that it will be my new toolset of choice. I've spent a little time trying to familiarize myself with the Construction Set as a primer to how the new tools will work. I won't lie, it is very similar in concept to Aurora/Electron, but very different in practice.

While I still maintain my best times were had working with NWN/NWN2, I just don't see the viability of it for mainstream appeal anymore. Time is a cruel master and tarnishes even the finest shiny metal. That and I have become quite fond of working within the Single Player experience after my work in NWN2.

Granted, I truly miss the building/running of large multiplayer worlds such as NWNOnline: Cormyr the Forest Kingdom PW from the NWN1 heyday. However, because I have no intention of taking an engine and building an entire game around it, I am limited to what releases and tools are made available. Right now, that looks like Skyrim.

Sooooo Bethesda eh? I hadn't honestly spent much time with them although I am familiar with their work. Never played Morrowind...just "finished" Oblivion to get familiar with the gameplay. Yeah, I think I can make this work.

I may just cast Raise Dead on this blog.
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