Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TES Creation Kit

A little over a month before Skyrim is released, and I am already 99% sure that it will be my new toolset of choice. I've spent a little time trying to familiarize myself with the Construction Set as a primer to how the new tools will work. I won't lie, it is very similar in concept to Aurora/Electron, but very different in practice.

While I still maintain my best times were had working with NWN/NWN2, I just don't see the viability of it for mainstream appeal anymore. Time is a cruel master and tarnishes even the finest shiny metal. That and I have become quite fond of working within the Single Player experience after my work in NWN2.

Granted, I truly miss the building/running of large multiplayer worlds such as NWNOnline: Cormyr the Forest Kingdom PW from the NWN1 heyday. However, because I have no intention of taking an engine and building an entire game around it, I am limited to what releases and tools are made available. Right now, that looks like Skyrim.

Sooooo Bethesda eh? I hadn't honestly spent much time with them although I am familiar with their work. Never played Morrowind...just "finished" Oblivion to get familiar with the gameplay. Yeah, I think I can make this work.

I may just cast Raise Dead on this blog.


Jclef said...

Awesome! Morrowind was a cool game. Probably the most open-ended one I've played to date. It's great that they're putting out some tools for Skyrim too - I remember looking at the TES tools way long ago when Morrowind first came out, but ultimately stuck with NWN1 for its ease of use and D&D theme.

If you decide to start modding again, good luck! I'll keep an eye on this blog, for sure!

Tchos said...

Speaking as someone who started with playing and modding Oblivion, then played and modded Morrowind, then played Daggerfall, and am now moving to Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2, I think you'll find that the Elder Scrolls series will give you several years of playing and modding fun.

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