Monday, March 16, 2009

Elrithorn Campaign Guide

I have decided to start assembling the various texts and information from over the years into a working guide for my custom campaign setting. While I really just started to start clacking away at the keyboard a few nights ago, it is already over 20 pages long, without images. I'm actually enjoying getting all of the various information, lore, geography, etc organized. I must say I think it is coming together really well.

Know any aspiring artists? I don't really want to fill this book with photoshoped ingame screenshots, and would love to have some traditional print art to compliment the text. Also, if you know anyone that enjoys being a brutal editor without regard to feelings, please let me know. I would like some outside eyes to take a menacing read through and look for conceptual, communication, and grammatical errors.

Elrithorn Campaign Guide as viewed in Adobe InDesign

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