Saturday, March 28, 2009

Campaign Setting Progress and Crazy 2DA Lines

Alright, how did I miss the fact that a line number in the Placeable.2DA repeats itself, thereby throwing the rest of the entries off? That one took me a few hours a couple of nights ago while I was getting all of the 2DA files SoZ complient (although the third module will still only require MotB). What a mindbender...what a blunder!

Anyhow, doing really well on the whole Campaign Setting Sourcebook thing. I'm at about 37 pages and still plugging away and putting additional content and details in here and there. I'd be happy to have anyone give it a look and see if it is organized correctly, clear, interesting, etc. Although, you know me and my perpetual boredom...I'll finish it whether it ever gets read or not :p

Well, quickly approaching 5 a.m. and time for me to wander upstairs for a bit of shut-eye. This weekend I will try to write a bit more for the sourcebook and get several areas of "Crusaders of Shalihir" prepped for cutscenes. I've been setting the cameras, laying down triggers, and placing waypoints so they are all ready for the onenter scripts to check the journal and work the timed magic.

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