Tuesday, October 30, 2007

All I want for Christmas

Just uploaded (the hopefully final) version 1.8 to the vaults FTP. As always, Maximus is the true Deus Ex sweeping in and linking it to the listing. If NWN were to ever honor a patron saint, I have a nomination card ready.

I took a glance at the initial release date, 09-24-2007, a little over a month ago. Then that tiny voice in the back of reminded me of the rules for entering the NWN2 Hall of Fame. The last of which was being at least 3 months old. The slowhead gene kicked in and said, no problem, I'm 31. Then I realized a greater revelation that it will be eligible (assuming it gets 5 more votes and the score doesn't tank) on Christmas Eve. Santa, if you're listening…

It's not that I need the fame, fortune, and glamorous groupies that come with having your module on the Hall of Fame list. It's not even that I want to feel justified, because, Nobody with a GOOD car needs to be justified, you understand? Me, I drive a '96 Honda Civic to serve as a suburban sled. The truth is I want to be in the Hall of Fame because I'm a narcissistic media whore. No, that can't be it either, else I'd have voted for myself already. I've never believed in padding the results, spoils the whole experiment, and it's cheesy.

Every time I open the module to make an update I am tempted to add/change/revise certain things. What stops me (besides the fact that I am mostly focused on part II) is the belief that the module should stand on its original merits. I don't think I could in good conscience revise too much without relisting because that would again spoil the entire process in some small fashion.
I won't put too much stock into it, just something to think about. Not like I'll flip out if I don't make it. *Staring blankly at my Pew-36 Explosive Space modulator*

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