Friday, October 26, 2007

Good News Everybody...

(Title read as if Professor Qubert Farnsworth of Futurama)

Thanks to NWN2 Warcry for posting the second half of the Ossian Studios Interview. Here are the words articulated just as I wanted to read them:

14. Will any of the custom content be available to the modding community to use in their modules?

Larry Liberty: Yes, making new content available to the modding community is central to the Adventure Pack program. It represents another avenue for Atari to seed the community with high quality content (beyond expansion packs).

Good to know there is far more to the new resources than a one shot, albeit professionaly produced, campaign. No word on whether those who want to play a mod that utilizes said content will have to also purchase the adventure pack. It's a very limiting move for a community builder as far as audience, but opens alot of doors as to diversity and quality.

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