Monday, October 29, 2007

AWOL Shadow Fortress Textures

I am really stoked about some of the great comments and votes the first module is receiving. I'd like to post one more 'Final' version and catch all minor bugs and glitches in one sweeping change. There is one issue that has been a source of despair however. The missing texture from the Shadow Fortress tiles that comprise the Dwarven Ruins beneath Kazatharis. That bright neon glow of the multi-colored missing texture map is really hurting the overall look of the area and I'd like to stamp it out once and for all.

So far, attempts to correct this have been fruitless, and searches for a solution have yielded nothing. I've made a last ditch effort with a post to the NWN2 Forums in hopes that someone out there knows how to rid the Shadow Fortress areas of this nasty graphical glitch. Far from a deal-breaker, it's an eyesore whose time has come. On the upside, the bright red ceilings of the Castle Tiles were corrected in 1.10/MotB.

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