Sunday, October 28, 2007

Let it snow

Well I have the town of Storneth just about where I want it, complete with the new snow VFX from the expansion. I think it looks rather good, just as I had imagined it before we had access to winter-esque placeables. It is in about the same state as the other areas with the terrain and walkmesh about finalized aside from placeables for detail and their respective cutters. Later on I will go over these areas and add in the essential texturing and foliage to flesh them out before bringing the NPCs and other assets into the picture. I added this image to the Design Document in the Areas section. I'm trying to give at least a glimpse of an area next to the description.

The town of Storneth in Harrn was where the surrender to Dalreon was signed after the war.

I'm using a bit more of a modular design with this project, much like I did back in the NWNOnline: Kingdom of Cormyr PW days. It allows the mini-mods to remain smaller and easier to work with, and keeps the integrity of the master module. I just have to be mindful of which I am working on when I go to save-as (I keep multiple copies for just such emergencies).

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