Thursday, July 3, 2008

SOLIII_MOD Design Document Online

Heavy Spoilers, however, I have posted the design document for Crusaders of Shalihir to the vault (attached to part II:Beneath the Hearleforne) and linked it above. It is not a finalized version, but does have a decent list of current areas, companions, as well as a storyline runthrough.

It is always nice to have something like this to look back at, modify, adjust to keep all of the smaller Excel Spreadsheets, Text Files, and MindMaps togather in one place. I think I flesh out the design document at this point in the development because I have all of the areas pretty much finished, and just beginning to procrastinate on dialogue.

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Ashercon said...

Raith, Ashercon here from NWN Podcast. Can you PM me at show (@) neverwinternightspodcast dot com? We are airing your interview this week, and I was wondering if you have any original music from your modules I could use as background to your interview?

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