Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm Batman

OK, I'm not. But if I had a boatload of money, I would certainly try.

On Friday, The Dark Knight hits theaters and I will be there (sans costume, I mean, it's not Star Wars). I'm really looking forward to this as I enjoyed Batman Begins, and found the reimagining of Gotham a darkly beautiful vision. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Tim Burton fan (when he's on that is) and I was a Michael Keaton supporter since his name was attached to the role. Jack, I mean, don't get me started....it's Jack. He even made Wolf watchable. However, that was the 80's, and as great a decade as that was for its iconic media, it is 20 years away.

The yet unrevealed (or at least I haven't stumbled upon it) is how they well they can pull off Two-Face. By the time Tommy Lee Jones got hold, the franchise had already taken a nosedive into the cheese tray. I'm not familiar with Eckhart, so we'll see. Naturally I hope Maggie Gylanhaal will do a good job filling in for the 'please send help' absent Katie Holmes. After Donnie Darko, how could I not at least give her a chance. Although, it is still a bit odd viewing Gary Oldman as a virtue, but he definately has the Gordon look down. Just slap on some black framed glasses and whiten that hair to a Colonel Sanders sheen.

Anyhow, long story short (too late), here's to hoping this is at least as good as the first one. Anything beyond that is just pure gravy.


Anonymous said...

This movie was good, The only negative imo, it is about 20 minutes to long. It seemed to drag out a bit near the end.

Watching Heath Ledger's part as the joker. He played it so well it was creepy. I can see why he was having nightmares over his dark and twisted character.

I think about anyone who likes these types of movies, will great enjoy this one.

My only tip. Take your potty break right before the movie! LOL it is long!


How's the new baby Raith? Is big sister gushing all over her? :)

Raith Veldrin said...

I also loved the movie. I thought, although lengthy, it definately tied up all of its loose ends and felt far from rushed. Ledger was great, a perfect mix of eerie and funny.

Baby is great, although a bit active at night. Big sister is taking it all in stride, no real issues just yet. Now as soon as we get to the sleeping through the night, it's easy street all the way until the teenage years.

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