Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lay-Down Before the Cards are Dealt

In my continuous effort to release prefab areas from my modules, I have just uploaded one of the final areas in the upcoming Crusaders of Shalihir to the vault. The Ruins of Solvheil was an attempt to break from the very geometric and euclidean design of Kazatharis. Ruins sunken into the desert sands, this area is dome-tastic and features the remains of man's greatest civilization.

The Ruins of Solvheil sunken into the Shalihir Sands
Between this and Tahamman, I have officially given a glimpse of both the beginning and end of SoS:CoS. So for those who treat modules/adventures like a term paper, you should be satisfied and have no need to download and play it when it's released (everyone knows that the introduction and summary are the most important parts, right?). However, for you more diligent types who like to carry things through, I like to think this will be a rather interesting journey through the arid Shalihir desert and tie up most of the remaining mysteries from previous modules nicely.

The Ruins of Solvheil sunken into the Shalihir Sands


Jclef said...

Oh man - that layout is crazy. Looks really cool!

Wyrin said...

Love the laout and visualisation of that area - neat!

Raith Veldrin said...

Thanks guys. I think this pretty much wraps up my PreFab work for awhile. Suppose I will have to make ACTUAL progress from here on out. On to conversations and quest scripting (oh the pleasure spiked with pain).

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