Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Few Area Prefabs

While progress is, well, progressing on the third module in the series, I have decided that it was time for some old business. One of the things I promised myself when I started was that I would design several of the areas in these modules to be reusable. While I did release 3 prefab areas from Ruins of Kazatharis, I had not yet done the same with Beneath the Hearleforne.

Last night I did some cleaning on the areas, stripping away anything module dependent, npcs, scripts, etc until there was nothing but one area to pack to an erf. I pulled two areas from Beneath the Hearleforne and one from the upcoming Crusaders of Shalihir and packaged them up for the vault.

1) Keel Street on the Evertide Docks, capital of Dalreon.
2) Storneth in the Kingdom of Harrn.
3) Tahamman in the Shalihir Desert.

I just finished getting the entries filled out and uploaded, and they should be approved pretty soon (even with Maximus out for baby #3, gratz to him btw).


E.C.Patterson said...

It think it's a great idea you've had, and very generous of you, to release these areas separately. I wish more builders released their mod assets in independent packages to give them a second life: not just areas, but models and creature/item blueprints as well. Seryn's been doing that too, and I applaud it. It's my intention to release stuff too from ItFR after its release.

Raith Veldrin said...

Thank you sir, much obliged. I actually fell a bit short on my orignal goal which was to have a Single Player adventure with an optional Multi Player component.

Ruins of Kazatharis was originally designed to exclude the Undermill/Marathorl keep area(s) and would have those in place for multi-player exploration. As time and module size wore on, I found that I needed to incorperate it into the main storyline and out the window that idea went.

I had hoped at one time to have one token multiplayer dungeon crawl per module located near that module's core town. I think this was inspired mainly from Eveningstar and the Haunted Halls (being of a Cormyr heavy development background).

One nice thing is by exporting stripped down areas like this, I can easily revisit some of these ideas or string a few together down the road. Or heck, perhaps I'll catch the PW bug again (doubtful, but just in case).

Anonymous said...

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