Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Toolset Oddity

In a rather frustrating night of work, I discovered an anomaly I can only describe as Disappearing Dock Syndrome. I was attempting to export a few of the Evertide areas to upload to the vault as prefabs when I noticed that the Underwater City Walkway that I used for the docks had disappeared. Well, naturally I panicked and began to open all 3 backups of the module, only to discover that it was gone in all of them.

Looking at the file size, I decided that the toolset must be lying to me so I closed it down and reopened one of the main module files. There stood the docks in all its glory, however upon attempting to open it outside of the module such as from an ERF, it would not be displayed in the area. It was still there, listed under placables. The walkmesh was still present, but the dock itself couldn't be seen. This took a good two hours of constant opening, looking, swearing, closing, and repeat before I decided to call it a night.

Oh well, after all of the progress that I made over the Thanksgiving weekend, it is only fitting that there's a few bumps in the road to balance things out.

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