Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home Stretch

Well the module is getting some last minute magic. The last battle/cutscene has been spruced up and bugfixed, and now it is a matter of looking a few things over before a final test. I have reloaded my laptop with a fresh version of NWN2 + Expansions and it seems to have done the trick. I can now build/test modules again.

I had forgotten that I had an old extended RC on there before. The desktop, I'm still not sure of the error, but at least one of my machines runs NWN2. Interesting as I look between the two toolsets side by side for the first time. Funny the strengths between the two and what of each I wish I could cherry pick.

It shouldn't be long now before I'm asking for the vault FTP login information for the first time in a long long while.


Tauschitz said...

Fantastic!!! Really looking forward to playing this series.


E.C.Patterson said...

Congratulations. Must feel pretty good.

Let us know please how long it takes between the first request email to the Vault guys and publication on the site. I'm interested in the process... ;)

Raith Veldrin said...

Just got the directory back from JasonNH and marveling at the magic he has made of it. It's all packed up and ready to upload now .

I requested the vault FTP creds tonight by using the contact form for Beyond The Pale on the vault page. Shouldn't be long now.

Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Raith,

I am looking forward to this. :)

It looks like I will be busy over the next few weeks looking at all these up and coming releases.

All the best.


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