Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Bit of a Snag

It appears that even though the toolset runs on my laptop, I cannot actually launch/test the game. I'll have to rely on the previous beta tests and double-check that I set all of the new conversation pieces correctly.

I've also noticed that I am unable to save to a mod file. The ole lappy seems to only work in directory mode. I don't suppose there is any kind soul out there that wouldn't mind taking a directory and saving it as a module for me?

Sigh, I'm pretty sure I couldn't return to NWN2 development even if I wanted to. The gods of hardware/software don't will it.


Amraphael said...

Zip it and upload it to some file-service and I'll compile it into a mod for you. Send an email with the link to:


Raith Veldrin said...

Many thank yous!
On the down side, this completely removes my ability to test and update this mod. Fingers crossed that it goes flawlessly the first time lol.

Jason said...

Duh, give it to me you big dope. :-)

I have some polishing up I want to do anyway. Now is a good time.


Amraphael said...

Well, you could release it in directory mode. There's no problems with that from a player perspective except that the module description does not work.

Tauschitz said...

Waiting with great anticipation!


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