Sunday, July 5, 2009

Choice in Conversation

Here are some screenshots from inhouse testing of one of the more dynamic conversations in the module. I decided to move the Diplomacy node to the top after looking at these.

While I'd like nearly all conversations to have this level of decision and skill usage, I just can't within the constraints of time and story. This one turned out alright though. Just about every choice has a slight alignment adjustment.


Jason said...

Nice to see some sleight of hand usage. It's a skill that doesn't tend to get much love.

The conversation looks great.

Jclef said...

It's conversations like that which make for a great crpg experience. I really like the choices you've presented as well. They all look meaningful and diverse.

Good job, man!

Josh said...

I love the camera angle you chose for the first screen shot, showing the fruit with the thief.

Raith Veldrin said...

Thanks guys. I so want to fill a mod with this sort of freedom. Unfortunately, due to time/people/story constraints this is one of only a few to really deliver. Hopefully it is enough to give some satisfaction in that area in an otherwise rather linear plot.

Witch's Wake was one of the earliest stellar NWN1 mods to feature really impressive conversation options. Whattya expect from a Bioware developer nestling a side project though.

Nacaal said...

Rich dialogue choice!

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