Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Adding Some Frosting

A few toolset shots of some painting in of details. This first one is a shipwreck in the desert that serves to shelter the party through a violent sand storm. I'm just adding a few item-based triggers as the larger cutscene is being added externally.

A shipwreck serves as shelter from a sandstorm

These are a few speaktrigger based smaller cutscenes that offer a bit of flavor to the main town area of Tahamman. While nothing plot dependant or groundbreaking is achieved in these, they do add the opportunity to break up the linear story a bit.

Smaller cutscenes set around the town of Tahamman
I'm really happy with how things are moving right along now. This is, I hope, that part of the process where seemingly seperated segments fall into place like magic. I like seeing a more and more complete playthrough each mini-test.


Jason said...

Hmmm, I hope you haven't changed that first area too much as I have made modifications of my own to it. :)


Raith Veldrin said...

Naaa, I just did some patchwork there to make the existing conversations fire for playthrough purposes.

Honestly I was running low on good screenshots since most of last night was conversation work.

I did through together a quick scene of some katana work using closeups and default animations, sounds, and death effects. It comes off as a pulp kung-fu jumpcut slashfest (I kinda like it).

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