Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ruins of Kazatharis v2.0

Nothing groundbreaking, I just spent last evening implementing all of the identified misspellings and grammar errors that were abound in it. Feels good to throw another coat of polish on it, y'know?

I've also received a few more sets of eyes to scan the beta of Beneath the Hearleforne. I call that the pre-rinse cycle; give things a nice little bug-hunt before the main quest is complete (although it's very very close).

One thing that I knew was going to be an issue is the Sunken Ruins tileset with areas that take place both above and below the waterline. The problem is that you have to be in character mode in an almost MMO like view to not be clipped by the painted water. I can't get rid of the water though, because of the areas that are 'dry-land' and overlook the sunken areas. Alas, I might just have to put a disclaimer on that one 'little' interior (no interior with me is ever small if you have noticed, although I try to stray from a Dr. Who mentality and keep some semblance of scale).

Hopefully the main underwater area, Flooded Roots of the Hearleforne, have a high enough water level that this becomes a non-point there (I believe it is like that now). I still want to adjust the encounters in that area as it seems like a bit of a cakewalk in that regard.

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