Sunday, January 13, 2008

First shots of Solvheilian Ruins

The Ruins of Solvheil

Surrounded by the sands of antiquity stand the remains of the birthplace of man.

Even though this area is far from done, and won't even be seen until SoSIII, I wanted to throw it up there to see how it looked. I kinda like it.

Anyhow, this is a little motivation to myself to get SoSII released so I can dedicate some more time toward Crusaders of Shalihir. It's been fun and all, but this interlude module has run its course with my interest. That sand looks so flat, I'll have to get out the ole terrain shovel and do a little excavating.

Western Ruins of Kazatharis; noticeably different style.
Western ruins of Kazatharis for regional comparison.

Oh, and by the way; When in the 9 hells did THIS go up?

Electron Microscope
The official NWN2 Builder Wiki

I can't believe I just now stumbled across this. Bookmarked now!


Wyrin said...

Loved the Ruins you had in chapter 1 and great to see you have more, but very different stylisticly to come. Nice!

Jclef said...

Hey hey - I'm diggin' the ruins.

Thanks for the Wiki Linkage - I got some reading to do now!

Raith Veldrin said...

Thanks guys. Ruins are by far my favorite type of area to create. It's been that way since NWN1 (where we had a much more limited selection in my opinion). I remember getting excited everytime a new hak would get released that featured more varied forms of ruined tiles and/or placeables.

Now I find myself seeing just how far I can take things sans haks. Although there is some really crispy custom content out there that may have me rethinking things (I'm looking at your Robinson Workshop).

I did a bit of digging around the ruins last night, so I might as well post up another shot.

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