Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Death of the Joker

Dark night for the Dark Knight. R.I.P. Heath Ledger

Too bad to, I had early predictions that he would make one hell of a role out of it. Perhaps that was my faith in Christopher Nolan, but I really thought early teasers proved Ledger could make a go of it. I guess it doesn't matter much (from a franchise prospective) now.

No memorial, no youtube video ala 'Britney Fan', no tears really. It's sad, sure. Human element, kid, etc. However, as a greedy faceless consumer, all I can think is: "Well, so much for Batman, sonofabitch."


Wyrin said...

Yeah i saw this all over the papers this morning - really sad. I wonder how much of his role as the joker was filmed and in the can - maybe they could do whatthey did with oliver reed in Gladiator?
I enjoyed knights Tale too, but never saw much else with him in.

Liso said...

I saw the news last night about Heath Ledger. I was in shock. I really enjoyed him as an actor. :( 28 years old. So sad.

Jclef said...

Yeah, that's some crazy news.

From what I've seen so far in the trailers, it looks like he aced the part.

Rest in Peace, Heath Ledger.

Delak said...

This is very sad. I liked him in a lot of his work. I also thought he would make a good joker and from the pictures and now the trailer I have seen it looks like he will.

My understanding from what I have read is the he had finished filming everything for the Batman and that no reshoots are needed.

Raith Veldrin said...

My viewing of his acting is limited to 10 Things (modernization of Taming of the Shrew), The Patriot (Braveheart with guns), and the Brothers Grimm.

Still, I saw something there I can only describe as untapped acting talent. I think he was on his way to becomming one of the greats. The Dark Knight, when it is released, should tell for sure.

A tragic loss regardless. Now we are left with Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson as our Aussie powerhouses, and neither can seem to keep from making asses of themselves in public.

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