Wednesday, June 10, 2009

God help me, I can't stop making towns

Oh, and RWS


Jclef said...

I've always enjoyed walking around your Solvheil towns. This one looks really cool - especially that first shot - saweeet!

Raith Veldrin said...

Thx man. I am seriously thinking I have a problem with making urban environments, like a sickness. Everytime I get new content via expansion/hak, I'm off to rebuild a new city sprawl.

I think it stems from the excitement of getting the cardboard city for PnP miniatures and introducing visual city adventures into tabletop back in the day.

The problem is I'll make a area, think up a plotline and a handful of sidequests, then throw it in the backup folder...never to be seen again.

These shots are 100% credit to Robinson Workshop. Those stellar models set the scene like a Ree creature appearance. I don't know if you can take a bad shot when using either.

Jclef said...

I hear that - Love miniatures and small scenes. I collect those D&D minis and don't even play with 'em!

It's true, too, showcasing a piece of great work is the easy part! ;)

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