Friday, June 5, 2009

To Dragon Age or Not to Dragon Age...

...that is the question that I'm sure many of us in the development side of things are considering. The big question (for me) is how much latitude will the toolset allow us? While the footage from E3 was beautiful, and the dragon in combat was not only modeled well, but animated smoothly. I did notice some hiccups, which lead me to believe it will be like when NWN2 came out and was a bit much for standard machines of the time. I refer to this as the Crysis Conundrum.

I know, I shouldn't be setting sights so far down the road. Especially when I have a project that I am long overdue on finishing. With a release date of late October, there is plenty of time to not only wrap up the Solvheil trilogy, but also perhaps throw another smaller module out there. I've been having a blast using the RWS All-In-One for area design.

Hopefully as things come more into focus, we will all have a better idea of our long-term development dreams. I'd like to try to put together a medium-small team and attack a grand goal with some sense of scope and strategy...just not sure which platform will end up looking the most attractive.

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