Thursday, June 25, 2009

Conversations in Nalassian Ruins

Just a few screenshots from an area I'm trying to finish up the functionality of. These are the ruins of Nalass where you, Malcarus, and a few of his holy brigade to to capture Anziath Aers and recover the Tome of Koth. Naturally there are plenty of Ith'inaar dark-elves waiting there for you, as well as some of their new breed. Hazards of playing with chaos magic I suppose.


Jclef said...

Very cool - what placeables are you using there for the ruins and cliff?

Raith Veldrin said...

Racerblue's Ruins are the buildings. He did a fantastic set for NWN1 that he ported over and added to. I've used his stuff for a few years now and would put him at an almost RWS level for these beauts.

Then there is Trevor Morris's Cliffpack that came out long before RWS cliffs, and I modeled this and a few other areas in the module around long ago. They do have a few odd alpha problems with the Day/Night cycles, although I'm already locked in so to speak. I haven't checked, but someone might have opened the models and flipped the normals on a few vertices or fixed the texture map to correct these. Hopefully I can procure some corrected models before release. They are also fantastic models that work great for that raised/textured plateau look.

RB Ruins Full
by racerblue

Cliffpack 2.0
by Trevor Morris

Design Documents: