Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm fixin' to get a fixing.

With my list of bugs in one hand, and a list of places to gloss in the other, tonight should see some good progress. I went through the module beta v4 and made note of quite a few areas of dialogue that need work. Commas are my best friend and worst enemy with some of these complex structures. Good thing MS Word doesn't do a stellar job of grammar checking them, heh.

I also aim to expand a few avenues, like expanding the story on the Catch of the Day quest. I want to put some cameras in the wagon to have a bit more visual control over the subtext, as well as add a few sounds in the conversation to better convey the feeling of being ambushed.

I seem to have located where Lip Flappers begins to break down. If you play straight through, things seem to work fine. If you save a game and load it, then the conversation wavs that are stored in the MOD file seem to stay unloaded and have them fly by. I guess we will have to play it safe and include these for the override folder instead.

Well, the holiday season (opposed to the shopping season) has kicked off. I'm staring down the barrel of a week of vacation with only the minor tripup of New Years Eve as a distraction. Things look really good for a Leap Year Release as long as I get good feedback from the beta tests that I release. Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu.

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