Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tomb of Eldrynn and Mini-Map Lament

This is the Tomb of Eldrynn which lies partially hidden in the Great Forest of Dalreon. Again, this area is far from finished from a detail standpoint, but just getting the tiles in place and a few key objects sets the tone and allows me to feel like a little progress has been made.

The party visits this area pretty late in the adventure after learning that the key to defeating their undead adversary is finding a weapon used to injured them in their mortal life. How's that for semi-spoilertastic?

Now, on to my lament. I will never be able to use a mini-map until I can keep myself from jumping all over hell and half of Georgia. I seem to have this problem with writing stories that require long distance travel, like across the continent long. Maybe I should use the ole Indiana Jones airplane map effect.

Anyhow, I have always wanted to use a mini-map. I even made one long ago for the Isle of Sampeatos, although it just wouldn't work for the kind of location hopping that all of the adventures that I've written require. I will have to make myself the same promise that I've used to cheer myself up before: Next time.


BreakinBri said...

Terrific work on this area. Please say that you will be using this in a prefab?

Raith Veldrin said...

I'll give you the area now if you like. It uses the Sunken Ruins tilest and some placeables from MotB and SoZ, but is otherwise stock.

The other areas, as much as I'd like to release pre-fabs on, use RWS All-In-One (which in my book is a must). If people didn't mind that hak, I think Evertide and Crown Port would be useful prefab towns.

eu4 console commands said...

I'm sorry Brackeys but I have never played or seen a game where minimap was just the game itself but rendered from the top. Isn't it rendering everything twice? Kind of overkill. Most of the times there is a texture representation of the map with player position on top of it.

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