Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jungle Ruins

Have I ever gushed over RWS additions to the NWN2 toolset before? Yes? Well here I go again. These are the jungle ruins that reside beneath the pyramid structures from the Sampeatos Jungle shots earlier.

I used RWS Dungeons for the initial spiral staircase, then switched via stairway to their Dark Ruins tiles. I haven't done much in the way of detail just yet, but I seem to draw satisfaction from these initial rough sketches. Throwing together landscape and placeables, even in the mildest sense to set a tone is one of my greatest thrills in area design. In other words, this may not look like much right now, but serves as a sketched-up placeholder for when the story arrives here.

While I was doing this area, I happened to stumble upon 'Dusk till Dawn' (Clooney's best role evah! Keitel, meh, he's done better) on one of the countless movie channels on TV which really fit the mood perfectly. While the mod doesn't feature a truck stop on top of a pyramid it does connect a certain affliction to an ancient exotic culture.

Hopefully I can convey through the two areas that the blood of the sacrificed is gathered via the large snake statue in the temple structure and dropped upon some soil to be packed up and fed-exed. These shipments serve the main 'paper-trail' followed by the party bringing them to this point.

On a technical note, I am having some trouble with the walkmesh of this tileset. It seems that any offshoot door tile from a hallway tile (with the exception of the one door in the middle variety) has a broken walkmesh, thus rooms cannot be connected. It may be a good thing since I am trying to do something that I've had trouble with my entire NWN life, keeping area size small.

Next up, I'll show off some screens of another crypt that the party explores late in the module before their return to Lontharvia.


BreakinBri said...

Wow looks fantastic! The attention to detail is clearly evident.

Amraphael said...

Lots of great shots from your areas lately. Really like your jungle interpretation and I suspect we'll see another great release from you!

DtD is a really "funny" movie perfectly aligned to my interest in high quality B-movies. I like the soundtrack too, even if I'm into electro myself.

Raith Veldrin said...

I also have a love of B movies...so much so that I watched Ed Wood once which was essentially a Burton B movie, about a guy that made B movies. That and seeing Bela Lugosi shooting up behind a curtain is an image that will haunt me forever. Who knew Dracula was a junkie lol.

Let's not forget one of the most important parts of Dusk Till Dawn, it was the first time that I ever saw Selma Hayek.....sorry, I drifted off there for a second.

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