Monday, March 10, 2008

Double Trouble

Uh-Oh, looks like both parts I and II are on the 'TOP NWN2 Modules' list. Everything is coming together nicely, (Muhaha).

Anyhow, I have really been more hands off with this release than I was with Ruins of Kazatharis in which I released a new build every few days. Aside from the very aggravating speaktrigger bugs that had to be corrected, and the Mulsantir Theater door issue that is beyond my control, there is really little that I have to fix.

I would like to give a little more gold or armor to the player at the beginning as there isn't near as many places to earn coin before you are set off beyond Evertide. I wouldn't mind doing a bit more extensive companion dialogue and interludes here and there, but then again, I would like to do that to part I as well. I seriously doubt if I will ever go back and put a final clear coat on these two before at least the third part is complete.

I have heard a few complaints that this one is much more linear than the first, and guilty as charged. I didn't build much in the way of latitude. This is essentially one straight shot of an adventure that is pretty confining as to order of events, where as the first had a few side quests and the Undermill that could be taken at one's own pace.

I've really been doing not much of anything in the way of the toolset lately aside from contemplating entering an area in the design contest. If any, I would imagine it would be the Ruins of Solvheil from part III, but unsure if it would be up to par by then. I will have to see how things pan out. As happy as I am with both Rindleforde, Evertide, and the Kazatharis areas, I don't think they are of the caliber to enter into a contest, and again, I'm not in the mood to touch-up.


Wyrin said...

Hey I like linear, when the story is up to it. I think it's crazy that when given a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess, you then stop off to fed-ex baubles between young lovers, or kill rival merchants or whatever. TO me, that's more gamesmanship - extra quests = extra XP so I'll do them.
As a player, too many sidequests annoy me, and I think dilute the impact of the overall plot.

Raith Veldrin said...

I'd have to agree, but I think we are in the minority. Sidequests = Options = Replay value. From a professional standpoint, they are almost required. Just look at the stink that was made over Mass Effect and the promise that the sequel will do a better job with it's optional content.

Still, not being a studio and having the creative freedom to pull a Sinatra and do things "Our Way", it's nice to be able to focus on the story.

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