Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tahamman: Toolset Shot

Tahamman in the Shalihir Desert

This is an early shot of Tahamman, which is the closest town to Dalreon in the Shalihir Desert. It resides just on the other side of Scarcrag Pass which separates it from Albrynn. Taken from an early area prefab that I had constructed back when my goal was to create several setting-specific towns and adjacent dungeons for release as quick adventure sets. That was the origin of Rindleforde and the Undermill/Marathorl Keep. It was originally supposed to be a multiplayer option open-design setup. I later scrapped that idea in favor of writing/developing the now in-progress storyline instead of blindly throwing areas out to the world.

While this is far from a finished work (it isn't even tinted or sculpted), it does give a bit of sense of how towns will look in the third module which takes place primarily in the Shalihir desert.

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