Thursday, February 21, 2008

2007 Module of the Year Nomination

Sands of Solvheil I: The Ruins of Kazatharis is on the list of nominees for 2007 module of the year. I'm caught between feeling honored and being realistic. Still, it is very nice to be among some great pieces of work and very talented developers. Naturally, I will have to abstain from voting as I rarely ‘play’ enough to make a fair judgment, and I am of the camp that believes voting for one’s self is…well….cheesy. I can't let myself get too distracted as I am in the homestretch. I have a bit more spit and polish to do before releasing Sands of Solvheil II on the 29th.

Things are really getting busy all-around. I started my last Undergrad class last night (Corperate Finance...blah!), scoping out a potential smartphone to get when my contract comes up in April, Baby 2.0 still on course for a late July arrival, and I still haven't talked my wife into letting me by an XBox 360/Rock Band. You would think arguments like "You do want your children to grow up around music don't you?" would sway her iron grip on my manhood, but alas.

I'll break her down, just have to be clever about it.


E.C.Patterson said...

I hadn't caught on to the fact previously that you were a gaming parent too!;) That's great! I always like to hear about another one of us.

Good luck on the last stretch!

Wyrin said...

I'm worried about (should my girlfriend and I decide to try for a baby) her having unparallelled access to the developing ears within the womb... Will have to put headphones over the bump whilst she's asleep - I need a muscial ally in the house!

Raith Veldrin said...


Thanks, it definately keeps things interesting. They say (by they, I mean Cosby) you aren't a true parent until you have more than one, so about to find out.


With my first, we did the ole headphones on the stomach. Played some Jazz, Classical, etc. It is supposed to stimulate their brain or something. So, you can definately use that as leverage in the debate.

Anonymous said...

The voting for the contest is going to be a tough one for me! I've played all but 3 of these on the list. (and planning on playing the remaining 3) before voting opens up! I'm ambitious lol

Congrats being on the list! You deserve it :)

Wyrin - The baby thing? No clue if that works or not. Back in 84 when I was pg. I did music, story telling audio books and my own voice etc. All 3 of my kids are totally different. I do think it helps for a more calm and happy baby though :) Congrats to you as well for making the list!!

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