Sunday, January 3, 2010

Crown Port

A little more detail on Crown Port which is admittedly inspired by Port Royal in Jamaica. Crown Port is located on the Isle of Sampeatos and acts as a major trading hub between the kingdom of Dalreon and the Orilyn empire.

Because of the vast amounts of currency and goods that pass through the streets, Crown Port is a constant target for pirates and thieves. Backed into the untamed jungles of Sampeatos, the city walls protect residents from any number of untold dangers that lurk in the lush surroundings.


E.C.Patterson said...

I can totally understand not being in the mood to learn a new TS! I feel the same. After spending so much time becoming somewhat proficient with the NWN2 TS, I dread at this time turning most of this learnign aside and starting (partly) anew. Then again, I remember thinking at the time that learning the TS was half the fun... :)

These and your earlier city shots look great. I love the layout.

That RWS castle is really something awesome too.

Raith Veldrin said...

I just seem to have more fun in the NWN2 toolset really. It's a combination of comfort and variety that is the real pull. I tried messing around with the DefaultSettings.xml of the Origins toolset to get area/level design to match the NWN2 toolset because the way my trackball pro works, the 3rd mouse button isn't at all that ergonomic when flying through design.

I've had some moderate success with my Wacom tablet for certain paint features in both toolsets on the upside. I still have better precision with the trackball though.

The real showstopper with Origins however is the lack of creatures (that and the already discussed redundant combat techniques). For the story I have laid out, I need everything from zombie trolls to driders. I can't even try to fake that in the new toolset yet. Although I will give them credit for having a male werewolf model come in handy.

RWS really does make area design fun. That and having NWN2, MotB, and SoZ assets available since I'm opening the floodgates on requirements for this story.

I think my ideal gig as far as mod making goes would be to write overall plot, some details, advise on various other activities, but mainly bang out areas and keep detailing them.

I'm a bit of a wide-open design guy though. I have a bad habit of creating the WHOLE town, even if only one street is needed.

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