Monday, August 18, 2008

That's one spicy cutscene

Oh man, I totally see why I asked for outside assistance with cutscenes. I just saw a rather mundane setup conversation come alive. Great camera work, great gestures, completely changed the whole dynamic. It's very cool to see a conversation become a true scene, because you can better convey mood and atmosphere between characters. JasonNH nailed it on this first one, and I realize I had better get my rear in gear to finish up some more dialogue.

Anyhow, things have been really busy, but as I finish up this 10 page case study for class (and come to the realization that I can't sleepwalk my way through a masters program like I did the undergrad), I think time will start to present itself.

Also, did anyone else swoon when they saw Bouncy Rock's new Yuan-Ti Pureblood model? Perfect texturing really set this thing off. I have no idea if Obsidian plans on including one with SoZ along with Half-Bloods, but if so they really have their work cut out to trump this thing. Y'know, with talent like they have over there, I think one could very well take over the world.


Anonymous said...

Ok, if Ree takes over the world. You all do realize he will be spending his time re-texturing everything he thinks is off? LOL

**See's landscapes Ree style!**

Thanks for the kind words Raith. :) I'll scoot this post over to him to read :)


How's that new baby? :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Your new poll

I can't answer it since I am not a modder. I will say. I will be buying it to play all the awesome modules that require it! But not for the NX2 itself. As I fear I am not going to like what they have done. But! alas, we'll see. I could be wrong and enjoy it very much. i.e. play it to many times as I did the OC and MoTB" :D

Jason said...

When Johnny re-textures me I would really appreciate a nice bronze finish. I can't believe it's almost September and my tan is still practically non-existent. :-(

Thanks for the kind words, Raith. Looking forward to getting more work done with ya. :-)

Anonymous said...


Tan? what is a tan? I am an Irish redhead. It is not even in my vocabulary lol


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