Friday, August 1, 2008

Elrithorn it is

Elrithorn it is

After a lengthy voting session, the results have determined that the continent be named Elrithorn. Of all of the choices, I also dig this one the most. Lontheria also recieved a decent amount of the votes, so I have decided to assign it to one of the northern uncharted regions (no need to let it go to waste). Of all of the choices, I think Elrithorn fits best with the existing names of some of the areas and longstanding NPCs (mainly the elves due to their elongated lifespan).

I haven't done many updates lately. I suppose the toxic mixture of graduate classes, newborn, and daydreaming has got the better of me. I am still somewhat considering scheduling release of the third module for after I get my hands on SoZ. Not so much for the content that it will provide, as much as the ability to properly pad the 2DA files within the hak. Since the hak also contains material for the fourth module, I didn't want to apply a band-aid hak with it (although if I opt for custom loadscreens/hints, this may be unavoidable).

My development time has been spent less in the toolset itself and instead in various txt and xls files trying to lay down some decent conversation nodes. Now that I have a bit of help in that area, and with cutscenes, I am hesitent to lay anything 'to tape' just yet.

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