Monday, May 26, 2008

More Screenshots and a Custom Content Confession

Here are some mock-ups of some additional areas in the Shalihir desert.

In the Age of Burnt Towers, the common people rose against thier magocratic rule, subsequently destroying the places of highest authority, the towers.
The ruins of a giant multi-tiered watermill hint at the innovation of the lost civilization that once occupied it.

Below the dry docks of Kazatharis, you join the crusade as it launches a formal charge.

I have decided, although I do support the concept of the 3C 100%, to move forward with my own little cooked-up hak for the time being. After careful consideration, I decided that I would like to really ramp up production on this module, and there are some very story specific reasons to include Johnny Ree's awesome Beholder and upcoming Drider models (not to mention did anyone catch that the Basilisk and Asp are now viable models again? Cha-Ching!).
In short, I had to make a tough desision on what to do for the time being. While I did use many of the same 2DA lines in case I change my mind, and there's time later, I opted to do some super-paranoid padding of the lines. Hey, who knows, I think that Mysteries of Westgate may just tip the scales toward more adventure packs, and I do expect another expansion from Obsidian (although some call me mad). Here's to hoping, and staying safe in case of.


E.C.Patterson said...

I'm a proponent too of mod-specific haks for various reasons: you can pack in just the stuff you use, you can freely add additional content of your choice, and the content creators have a better chance of receiving proper recognition from the mod author, since the latter will know exactly who did what.

These ruins look good BTW. I need to get me some too.

Raith Veldrin said...

Agreed. Even though I still support the concept of the 3C, bandwidth and storage space are less of a concern now then they were in the NWN1 days.

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