Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Game to Finish

I don't often finish games. Especially those that include a toolset.
DA:O is an exception. I stand on the savegame before the end and actually surprised that I made it this far. The story has been pretty darn good so far. The companions are engaging, the ambience pretty stellar (and funny all too often), and the backdrops are rather eye-catching.

Anyhow, just wanted to say a quick kudos to Bioware for coming through on a great SP adventure (or OC as we like to call it). I know this means that I am about to dive into dangerous waters with a toolset that has yet to see a patch, but as I charge the arch-demon sword drawn, I'm shocked that I not only lived this long, but that I kept logging in for more.


Tauschitz said...

Any update on Sands of Solvheil? I am waiting until part III is finished before I give it a play. Hope DA is not going to spell the end of SoS part III!!


Raith Veldrin said...

I am literally, one cutscene/battle away from that being done. Just the final battle is all that is left really.

Dunno, DA:O is taking quite a bit of my time. Windows 7 64 bit did put a damper in my development plans as it kept messing up when I tried to put in all of the NWN2 expansions.

Not sure what to do with it really. My cutscene partner in crime is as into Dragon Age right now as I am, but I would hate to let it all go to waste and not release.

The reviews leading up to the end were pretty positive, so I'm sure it would not be a stinker. It's just getting over that one last showdown.

Tauschitz said...

If you have to, just do an *underwhelming* final battle. I and several others I know really want to play this as a complete three part series - I have been waiting with quite a lot of anticipation for sure.

Please, please , please don't let part III die!!


Raith Veldrin said...

Alright, it's a deal. I opened the mod just now (I still have the NWN2 toolet on my laptop).

I installed the last cutscene that JasonNH built (and it's a doozy).

Now to just finish up a few conversation triggers at the final battle, package it up, and send it to the vault.

It would be a shame to never send it off to the light of day as close as it is. While I won't be able to pull off the ending that I would like, I can at least give it an ending that works.

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